Suzanne Treister

Fictional videogame stills - Series 2: Q. Would you recognise a Virtual Paradise?

In the late 1980s I was making paintings about computer games.

In January 1991 I bought an Amiga computer and made a series of fictional videogame stills using Deluxe Paint II. I photographed them straight from the screen as there was no other way to output them that I knew of. Also, the effect of the photographs perfectly reproduced the highly pixellated, raised needlepoint effect of the Amiga screen image. Conceptually this means of presentation was also appropriate in that it made it seem like I had gone into a videogame arcade and photographed the games there, lending authenticity to the fiction.

This second series of fictional videogame stills, 'Q. Would you recognise a Virtual Paradise?', was not part of the exhibition at Edward Totah Gallery in London but was only shown at the Exeter Hotel in Adelaide, Australia in 1992 and later in London at the Royal Festival Hall in the exhibition It's a Pleasure, curated by Leah Kharibian in 1995.

The original Amiga floppy disks are now corrupt but the original photographs/works still exist.

For more information download my essay from 'Videogames and Art', Ed. Andy Clarke, Grethe Mitchell, Publ. Intellect Books, UK 2007

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  Suzanne Treister 1991/1992