Suzanne Treister

Bordeaux/Garonne Public Art Project

Les vaisseaux de Bordeaux: Book publication

Bookcover preliminary design

The publication, Les vaisseaux de Bordeaux will illustrate the connecting tissues of contemporary and historical background material relating to and incorporating the 3 public sculptures.

It will contain drawings, diagrams, watercolours and digital works which will illuminate the spaces and relationships between the ideas and content of the 10 circles in the project diagram below, which are:

Histories of Bordeaux and the Garonne; Technology of the Garonne; World War Two Submarine Base; Jacques Ellul - Bordeaux philosopher, lawyer, sociologist and Christian anarchist 1912-1994; Fantasies of technology, society and the future; Spaceships; The Well Pavilion (an eco/nature/anarcho-primitivism library with a well at its centre); The Observatory Pavilion (A science fiction library with a telescope in the centre);The future of technology; The future of Bordeaux and the Garonne.

The book will be distributed internationally and be available at the nearby CAPC-musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux.

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