Suzanne Treister


Songs of Survivor (F) Track 01

Composition: Sean Ashmore
Vocals: Michael Boe
Lyrics: Suzanne Treister
10:18 mins


Remainders of the space of teleported dreams
The mystical object of interstellar communication
Machine telepathy returning to Earth
On a purple mountain of data mist

Five million years from the memory
Of violet blue extinct algorithms
Lost in the shadows of a parallel red universe
Five million simultaneous directions in time
In motion between quantum turquoise moon-dust
The ultimate survival algorithm

An extraterrestrial library
Of human learning
A lost azure apocalypse
Where intergalactic death flowers bloom
On a data free field of forever expanding
Data Lust
The machine makes the world again
Pagan robotics
A new star-dust

Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore

Michael Boe and Sean Ashmore were born in the North of England and are currently based in France. They ran the touring opera company, North Star Opera, from 2003-2013.

Michael Boe trained as a classical tenor in the north of England. After leaving university he sang many operatic roles and concerts in the UK and Canada, as well as making several recordings of classical music and songs. He has performed over thirty operatic roles including, Faust, les contes d'Hoffmann, Traviata, Norma, Macbeth, Ernani, Die Zauberlöte, l'Elisir d'amore, and Lucia di Lammermoor.

Sean Ashmore has worked as an accompanist, musical director and conductor throughout England and with many local and professional orchestras and theatre companies. His performances have been televised in both the UK and throughout Europe. He specialises in sequencing hyper realistic tracks for both individual songs and full performances, recently winning a prestigious international composing competition.

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