Suzanne Treister

CERN Residency/Collide International award
To further investigate the holographic universe principle and how this may have informed the history of art.

THUTOAH - The Holographic Universe Theory Of Art History
HD video 16:54 mins looped
+ 13 watercolours by CERN particle physicists

To be shown from 23 Nov 2018 - 3 March 2019 at FACT, Liverpool, England.
Touring to CCCB, Barcelona, Spain (9th April - 24th September 2019); Le Lieue Unique, Nantes, France (9 October 2019 - January 2020); iMAL, Brussels, Belgium.
Images and further information will be online from Nov 2018.

THUTOAH was developed as part of the Collide International Award, a partnership programme between Arts at CERN and FACT. It was co-produced by ScANNER (Science-Art Network for New Exhibitions and Research), composed of FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool); Arts at CERN, Geneva; CCCB (Centro de Cultural Contemporania de Barcelona); iMAL (interactive Media Art Laboratory, Brussels); and LLU (Le Lieu Unique, Nantes) (Feb - June 2020).

Winner of Collide International award Suzanne Treister at CERN
Photo: Claudia Marcellona, May 3rd 2018

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