Suzanne Treister


Interview with Federica Tattoli for Fruit of the Forest magazine on SURVIVOR (F) exhibition at IMT Gallery, London, October 2017


FT: How would you present your work?

ST: Generally on this planet but not necessarily. It depends on the facilities of each venue in the future.

FT: “SURVIVOR (F) is an hallucinogenic exploration of a post-apocalyptic reality in undetermined time and space.” could you explain this concept to me in a deeper way?

ST: Whether manifestations of a sole survivor of the human race, on earth, in space, on a new planet or parallel universe, or of an artificial superintelligence (ASI), SURVIVOR (F) presents visions of a post-futuristic sublime, charting an existential imaginary of potential human/non-human agency/non-agency and beyond, of the psychedelic consciousness of SURVIVOR (F).

The idea of apocalypse is also undetermined, apocalypse of what? Apocalypse of humanity, of our planet, of the galaxy, the universe, of our minds?

See also this essay by Maggie Roberts and Lucy A Sames.

FT: Where do you make your works?

ST: On planes as they are taking off.

FT: What can’t be missing from your worktable? (can you send a photo?)

ST: The legs.

FT: A collection you wish at least one work of yours was part of?

ST: A collection on another planet.

FT: A museum where you’d like to have an exhibition?

ST: The Museum of the Algorithm. I made a drawing of it yesterday.

FT: The market or your need to express?

ST: I would rather answer the question, 'Do you make art to try and save the human race or do you think the human race doesn't want to be saved?'. My answer to that would be yes to both.

FT: Lightness or depth?

ST: Outerspace.

FT: Day or night?

ST: Stars.

FT: A question you’ve never been asked but one you’ve always wanted to answer? Answer that question…

ST: Would you like to be reincarnated as a dog? Yes.

FT: Could you briefly describe one of your latest works?

ST: A sheet of paper with the words, 'The Sky Was The Colour Of The Death Of The Internet' painted in magenta watercolour in a font called Van Veen.

FT: What are you reading?

ST: The future.

FT: A film?

ST: Groundhog Day

FT: Where would you like to live?

ST: In more than one place at the same time.

FT: Do you have reference artists? Artists you’d like to work with?

ST: Alchemical artists from the Middle Ages.

FT: A project, related to art, that you’d like to do?

ST: Design a theme park.

FT: If you weren’t an artist, what job would you like?

ST: Astronomer or astronaut.

FT: Let’s imagine a group show. Who would you like to exhibit with?

ST: One or more artificial intelligences.

FT: Yes or no to curators? If yes, who would you choose?

ST: Does anyone remember how boring group exhibitions were before the growth of the curatorial industry? Shows had titles like, 'Ten German Artists', and all ten were men.

FT: A dream of yours?

ST: To not wake up in the night.


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