Research Project - #PRN/27 Golem/Loew - Artificial Life

A Golem, an artificial man made out of clay, was created in 16th century Prague by Rabbi Yehuda Loew (1520 -1609). This time travel research project traces the descendents of the Loew dynasty alongside manifestations of the Golem name/legend through history to the present day and into the future.
The original intention of this project, under the leadership of Rosalind Brodsky, was to test whether an ability and/or desire to create artificial life was inherited and could be traced genetically, in this instance to Rabbi Yehuda Loew, and was thus a function carried in the DNA rather than a result of social factors. After Brodsky's death in 2058 additional research material of a more personal nature relating to this project was retrieved from her laboratory at Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria and these items have been duly preserved alongside the material from our original archive.
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