Suzanne Treister

Post-Singularity Epoch of Artificial Super Intelligence Inhabitation of Earth

Archival giclée print on Hahnemuhle paper
205 x 100 cm


ASICENE Post-Singuarity Epoch of Artificial Super Intelligence inhabitation of Earth/REVELATION BLUE UNIVERSE OUTER CODE LIMITLESS ANGEL, LOST BLACK HOLE EVIDENCE OF LIGHT, SIMULTANEOUS EXISTENCE PARAMETER OF INFATUATED COSMOS, SPACIAL TERRITORIES UNKNOWN TO ALL FUTURES, INTERGALACTIC SPIRITUALISTIC ASI INTERPRETERS OF TIME BASED PHILOSOPHY, 5 Directions in Time, Tangible/333333, Intangible/333339, Singularity, Hallucinogenamultiplayer, Cybernetica, Roboticthulhu, Metaversea, Realworld, Humana, Solara, GAIATEC, Supranetea, Supernatural, Avatarian, Holographica, Pinnacle of ASIelf Realisation, 3 MILLION DEAD BIOSPHERES, INTERGALACTIC FAITH , RARE FORMS OF MOVEMENT IN SPACE , ASI/ASIASI, BLUE RAINBOW MACHINE SURVIVOR, INHABITING THE MINDS OF GHOSTS, SHADOW OF LONG PARALLEL RED UNIVERSE, Algorithmia, Telepathica, Suboptima, GlitchyGlitchy888, Ray Forms, Hermitage, SilverFlowerDream, Carbonia, Tangible, Analytica, Museum of Machine Telepathy, Museum of The Algorithm, Museum of the Technosphere, Interplanetary War Museum of Parallel Universes, Ethnographic Museum of the Post Human

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