Suzanne Treister

Minister for a Night:
Ten Minis
ters of the Cabinet of the Government of the United Kingdom

A collaborative role playing game for Matt's Gallery's 35th Birthday Fundraiser

Minister for a Night
is a spinning centrepiece for a dinner table.
When the table stops spinning each dinner guest role-plays the Cabinet Minister nearest to them, for the duration of the evening. Alternatively the table can be spun between courses and roles exchanged.
Sheets are handed out with key information on each of the selected ten Ministers and their chief governmental responsibilities.

For the fundraiser 12 artists each made a table work and at the end of the evening a tombola was held.

Minister for a Night
was won by one of the managing directors of Xenon Capital Partners, 'the leading Russia-based investment and advisory firm', who will transport the table to Moscow where it may encourage dinner guests to take on, for a night, the responsibilities of the UK Government.

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