Suzanne Treister


CORRESPONDENCE: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

324 drawings, pencil on card, each 21cm x 29.7cm

Correspondence: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe consists of 324 letterheads reproduced in pencil, primarily from
Government and Presidential Offices, Ministries of Defence, NGOs and arms manufacturers across the world, both
past and current.

(scroll down for individual works and click for enlargements)

Installation view at Annely Juda Fine Art, London. 2008
Installed as 9 groups of 36

Correspondence: 1-36 / From the Embassy of Afghanistan, Abu Dhabi to the Kingdom of Cambodia

Correspondence: 37-72 / From the Republic of Cameroon, Social Democratic Front to the President of France

Correspondence: 73-108 / From the Supreme Council of Freemasons to Headquarters Multinational Force, Iraq
Correspondence: 109-144 / From the Prime Minister's Office, Iraq to the Mankind Research Institute, Maryland, USA

Correspondence: 145-180 / From Marconi Electronic Systems to the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency

Correspondence:181-216 / From the Minister of Information, Republic of Rwanda to the Direct Communications Unit, Downing Street

Correspondence: 217-252 / From Her Majesty's Embassy, Moscow to the US Department of Defense Standardization Program Office

Correspondence: 253-288 / From the US Secretary of State to the New Mexico Department of Mental Health Services

Correspondence: 289-324 / From Richard Nixon to the Minstry of Defence, Zimbabwe

Billboard project
for tina b. Prague Contemporary Art Festival, 2008

Billboard based on drawing of letterhead/envelope of the NSA, Maryland, USA