Suzanne Treister

Memorial to Marcella Louis Brenner
in response to Marcel Duchamp's, 'Coffee Mill' (1911)

Rotring and Rohrer & Klingner inks on plywood
33 x 12.7 cm

The number of the angle 22.5, found in Duchamp's painting 'Coffee Mill' (1911) and apparently based on his being one of a family of eight, 22.5 being one eighth of 180 degrees, is converted to the Hebrew letters Bet (2), Bet (2) and Hey (5).

These numbers added together make 9. In Hebrew the number 9 corresponds to the letter Tet.

In 1958 the artist Morris Louis (1912-1962) made the Veil Paintings, 'Tet' and 'Beth Heh'.

These works were titled posthumously by his widow Marcella Louis Brenner (née Siegel) (1912-2007) an educationalist and philanthropist.

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