Suzanne Treister

The Life of Maximilian IV (1912 -2012)

dimensions: 21 x 15cm
watercolour on paper

A series of watercolours made for my father's 90th birthday based on key moments of his life as he has described it to me over the years and using period reference material and family photographs.

1912: Rosa and Maximilian, Poland.

1915: WW1 Tarnopol, Poland.

1916: Dembina, Ilawcze, Poland. L-R: Arthur, Eugenia, Rosa, Samuel, Julius, Maximilian.

1924: Tarnopol, Gymnasium.

1928: Tarnopol, Park.

1930: Lwow, University.

1931: Lwow, Theatre.

1933: Lwow Station, departure for Paris.

1934: Sorbonne, Paris.

1935: Champs Elysées, Paris.

1940: Paris under German occupation, Maximilian joins the French Resistance.

1943: Escape from the Nazis via Madrid and Lisbon.

1943: Arrival in Ireland.

1943: Arrival in London.

1943: Polish Army in Scotland.

1944-46: Working for the Polish Government in Exile (Stratton St) , London.

1946: Founding of company, British Sarozal.

1951: Appointment of the new secretary from Suffolk.

1952: The office, Southampton Row. Maximilian falls in love.

1957: Marriage to June Mary Scott.

1959: 23 Bracknell Gardens, Hampstead, London. First birthday party of Suzanne.

1964: Birth of Richard.

1965: Breakfast in the garden at Bracknell Gardens.

1966: 'Avengers' and 'Adam Adamant' on TV, Bracknell Gardens.

1961-68: The office, Dumbarton House, Oxford Street.

1960s holidays: Bracklesham Bay and the Witterings, Sussex.

Collecting gulls eggs, Birling Gap, Sussex.

1968: The office, Museum Street, London.

1969: Discovering America.

1969: Woolfies, Miami, Florida.

1970: The move to 8 Bracknell Gardens, London.

1970: New York Hotel mugging.

1970: The kitchen at Compayne Gardens, London.

1978: Exploring Africa.

1980s onwards: Holidays in Tenerife.

1977: The office moves to Maygrove Road, London.

2002: Maximilian's 90th birthday.

Maximilian's first exhibition in New York