Suzanne Treister


Collaborative organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia, operational between 1992-1995

Presumed Innocent is a dysfunctional detective agency which, in an art context, carries out investigations (re-search) both overt and covert, and presents commentaries in the form of installations or events. (from PI archives)

Members: David Broker, Alan Cruickshank, Richard Grayson, Paul Hewson, Linda Levinson (New York based agent), Jyanni Steffensen, Suzanne Treister, Linda Marie Walker, Steve Wigg and Lisa Young



Scene of the Crime?, Post West, Adelaide, 1992
HIT and RUN, (RE) Gallery, Adelaide, 1993
TV Disaster, Club Tractor (journal), June 1993
Sea of Heartbreak, BroadSheet vol 22, no 2, Contemporary Art Centre of SA Inc 1993
Disaster, Gallery 1+1, University of Adelaide, 1993
Disaster, Carpet Burns, SBSTV, documentary by Heather Croall, 1993
Symptoms Of Toxicity, Exeter Hotel, Adelaide, 1994
Salt Damp City (a proposal for the Adelaide Festival in which an entire new city 'Salt Damp City', is created, overlaying the city of Adelaide), 1995


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