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The PSI_NET project reclaims a psychic drawing method researched, developed and utilised by the US military since 1972 and further developed in the private sphere by an ex-US Army remote viewer since 1989(2)

Clients/participants are requested to provide details of a remote site, person, object or event which they do not have access to, but about which they would like to gain information.

This 'target' can be located in the past, present or future, can be lost, forgotten, government or otherwise protected, and will be beyond the scope of the internet.

For each request two or more remote viewing drawings(1)will be made at a single sitting. Images of these will be sent electronically to the client.


1. Remote viewing techniques, originally experimented with by René Warcollier, were developed by the U.S. Army from the early 1970s until 1995. Research took place at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) at Menlo Park, California and experiments were carried out in a condemned clapboard building down a wooded track at Fort Meade, Maryland. Psychic spies attempted to use remote viewing to identify the location of missile silos, submarines, POWs, and MIAs. Research was initiated after SRI's Dr Harold Puthoff a laser physicist and Dr Russell Targ were visited by NY artist Ingo Swann who demonstrated his psychic abilities. Puthoff and Targ concluded: "A channel exists whereby information about a remote location can be obtained by means of an as-yet-unidentifiable perceptual modality".
The remote viewing program was established with CIA funding in 1972. In 1973 Pat Price accurately remote viewed a military site, including code words and in the following year the Soviet R & D facility at Semipalatinsk.
US Military RV Programs: Phase one - involved a sender; Phase 2 - 'Scangate' (geographical co-ordinates given to remote viewer, CRV); SRI 1977 - 'Gondola Wish'; Ft. Meade 1978 - 'Grill Flame'; Ft. Meade 1983-85 - 'Center Lane' (under General Albert Stubblebine); 1985 - 'Sunstreak' (increased occult methodology); 1991-95 - 'Stargate' (control handed from DIA to CIA in 1994). 1995 - Official public CIA termination of the program.
US Remote Viewers include: Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan and Ed Dames.

2. In 1989 Ed Dames left the program and set up a private enterprise, the PSI-TECH Corporation, in New Mexico, which he later moved to Beverly Hills, California. PSI-TECH practices and teaches Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). It provides TRV training, private consultancy services and TRV images of locations of terrorists, WMDs and supernatural events to Government agencies.