Suzanne Treister

Q. Would you recognise a virtual paradise?
web project

This is the first web project I ever made.
It consists of a series of interconnected navigable spaces starting with the screen pictured on your right.
The images are small because screen resolution was different back then.

The quotes on the entry screen read:

Wherever you are be somewhere else

I think where I am not, I am where I do not think

Click the entry screen to enter the web project.

Now click on the flower shape containing an image of Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, which was shortly to become the home of my alter ego Rosalind Brodsky, and enter the hallway of the virtual castle.
In the hall there are 4 numbered doors.
You are asked to visit the rooms in sequence.
Door 1 leads you to the kitchen floor.
The kitchen floor leads you to the kitchen in spin which takes you back to the hall.
The hall looks identical to the hall you first entered but now the doors no longer lead to the same rooms.
They all now lead to the bedroom where you are refused entry and must return to the hall, which again appears identical, but now all doors lead to the diningroom.
In the diningroom you are invited to eat cake before returning to another identical but different hallway, whose doors now lead you to the free sticker page.
Click on the sticker images to get an enlargment which you can download and print out at home.

original site url:

Treister homepage