Suzanne Treister


dimensions: 21 x 29.7
pencil on arches paper

For text see: Interview with Alexander Roob, Melton Prior Institute, Düsseldorf, Germany

War Artists/
Michael D. Fay, Iraq, 2006

War Artists/ American/Lee
Miller, mainland Europe,

War Artists/ British /Mervyn
Peake, Germany, 1945

War Artists/ Australian/
Captain Conway Bown,
Baghdad, 2003

War Artists/American/
A. Brockie Stevenson of The
Pacific And Alaskan War Art
Units, Fort Belvoir, Virginia,

War Artists/Canadian/
Captain Charles Fraser
Comfort, vicinity of Ortona,
Italy, 1944

War Artists/ British /
Henry Moore, Holborn Underground Station, London,

War Artists/British/
Steve McQueen, (Iraq), 2003

War Artists/British/
Laura Knight, National Gallery,
London, 1941

War Artists/Japanese/
Tsuguharu Foujita, World War

War Artists/German/
Otto Dix, unofficial WW1 war
artist - Champagne and the
trenches of Artois

War Artists/Australian/
Eric Thake (painting Lieutenant General Yamada,
Commander of the Japanese
48th Division), Koepang,
Timor, October 1945

War Artists/American/
Kristopher Battles - sketching
mock assault at Mojave Viper
training base, Marine Corps
Air Ground Combat Center at
Twentynine Palms, California,
USA, 2008

War Artists/Canadian/
Richard Johnson -
Afghanistan 2007

War Artists/American/
Peter Michael Gish - painting
at Onslo Beach, Marine Corps
Base Camp Lejeune, North
Carolina, USA, 1967, after
returning from Vietnam

War Artists/French/
Francois Flameng, WW1

War Artists/Polish/
Stanislaw Gliwa - Montecassino, Italy, WW2

War Artists/British/
Paul Nash - drawing wrecked
German planes at the Metal
and Produce Recovery Unit at
Cowley, near Oxford, after
the Battle of Britain, WW2

War Artists/American/
Colonel Donna Neary -
Somalia, 1993

War Artists/American/
Alfred Waud- sketching at
the Battle of Gettysburg,