Suzanne Treister

Eighteen Ninety Six

A series of watercolours using paints manufactured in 1896 depicting scenes from the same year.

Medium: Winsor and Newton's Hexagon Cake Water Colours for use in Draughtsmen's, Engineers', and Railway Offices (1896) on Arches Watercolour Paper

Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 cm each



Opening of the Big Wheel in Coronation Street, Blackpool, England 1896 Stenographer taking dictation in an executive's office, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, USA 1896 Mr. A. A. Campbell-Swinton demonstrating an early X-ray tube for the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain 1896 Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia, between the Ethiopian army of King Menelik II and Italian forces 1896
Front Street, Dawson City during the Klondike Gold Rush, Yukon Territory, Canada 1896 Gungunhana, last emperor of Gaza, Mozambique, made captive by the Portuguese, and his seven wives after their arrival in Lisbon for exile. Lisbon, Portugal 1896 Dakota War Dancers 1896 Auditors Office, Reproduction Bureau, New York Telephone Co., Cortland Street, New York, NY, USA 1896


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