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Suzanne Treister, "The Cosmic Number" 2021. Interview with KANON for K21
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Interview with Nadine Botha, DAMN° MAGAZINE, issue 75, February 2020 read interview

Suzanne Treister on black-hole space-time and post-surveillance art
Artforum interview with Marisa Olson, October 15, 2019 read interview read on Artforum

The Escapist BHST (Black Hole Spacetime)
Interview with Ben Vickers, Chief Technology Officer, Serpentine Galleries, London 2019:

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Interview with Joël Vacheron for IDP4041 magazine, Switzerland, November 2018 read interview

Interview with Alice Finney, Fukt Magazine #17 The Words Issue - Written Drawings, Berlin October 2018

Interview with Morgan Quaintance. Studio Visit: Since the 1980s, visionary polymath and multidisciplinary artist Suzanne Treister has been exploring the outer reaches of social, scientific and aesthetic complexity. Resonance FM, 7 Feb 2018 play

Interview about the exhibition 'Works from SURVIVOR (F)' at Image Music Text (IMT) London with Maggie Roberts and Lucy Sames, November 2017

Interview with Federica Tattoli for Fruit of the Forest magazine on SURVIVOR (F) exhibition at IMT Gallery, London, October 2017 original interview

Interview with Beatriz García, Láudano Magazine, Spain. August2017 original interview

Interview with Suzanne Treister by Alex Bennett, novembre magazine, 18 December 2016

Interview, HFT The Gardener, with Liverpool Biennial, September 2016 / original interview

Fatos Üstek Interviews Suzanne Treister for fig-2, ICA, London on HEXEN 2.0. April 2015

Interview with Marie Lechner in conjunction with Welcome to the Future! the floppy cd-rom revolution (or the short life of born-digital art) March 19 - April 26, 2015 iMAL, Brussels. February 2015

Boris Ondreička interviews Suzanne Treister
Exhibition RARE EARTH: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary / / Augarten, Vienna, Austria, Feb 2015

Cybernetics and the post-surveillance age
Interview with Ashleigh Kane, Dazed and Confused, October 2014
original interview published version

Post-Surveillance Art, at Chisenhale Gallery, London, October 2014
Talk introduced by Katie Guggenheim play audio

Post-Surveillance: Suzanne Treister's riposte to 'Post-Internet' art
Interview with Digby Warde- Aldham for Apollo, August 2014
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Interview with Omar Kholeif - Published in catalogue accompanying exhibition by Constant Dullaart at Carroll/Fletcher, London, England April 2014

Networks in Reverse: From the Interplanetary Internet via the ARPANET to the Last Pre-Internet Moment, Published in: Networks, Edited by Lars Bang Larsen, Whitechapel Documents of Contemporary Art, published by MIT Press 2014; Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015. Edited by Jennifer Liese. Published by Paper Monument, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 2016
of reading at Adelaide Festival 2014 with introduction by Lars Bang Larsen

Occult Cybernetics - Interview with Erik Davis
Expanding Mind radio show, San Francisco, USA
12 September 2013

Seeing in the dark - Interview with Alan Dunn
Alan Dunn on Suzanne Treister's 20 CIA BLACK SITES, Stimulus Respond magazine, Omen, Summer 2012

The Axis of Hexis: An Interview with Suzanne Treister (HEXEN 2.0)
Interview with ATA Quarterly Journal, Summer 2012

Interview with Rachel Potts
Garageland magazine, 'Future' issue, London, May 2010

'Suzanne Treister, capturing the essence of gaming since the '80s'
Interview with Mathias Jansson - Part of a series on the pioneers of videogame art., Aug 2010

'Suzanne Treister in conversation with Kirstie Skinner and Kate Gray'
Collective Gallery
, Edinburgh, Feb 2010 (podcast)

'What Happens in the Gaps: An Interview with Suzanne Treister by Roger Luckhurst'
Published in 'The Machine & the Ghost: Technology & Spiritualism in 19th to 21st Century Art & Culture', Manchester University Press 2014

Interview with Josie Demuth
La Bouche, Issue 3, September 2009

'In conversation with Suzanne Treister on her War Artists series'
Alexander Roob, Melton Prior Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany . 20.02.2009

Interview with Rolf Clement on the exhibition '3 Projects' at Annely Juda Fine Art, London
Deutschlandfunk - Kultur heute, 10.11.2008

'15 Questions about Hexen 2039'
Interview with Angelique van Engelen , March 2007

'From Fictional Videogame Stills to Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky 1991 - 2005'
Essay by Suzanne Treister in:'Videogames and Art', Ed. Andy Clarke, Grethe Mitchell, Publ. Intellect Books, UK 2007 download as pdf