Research Project - #PRN/33 Operation Swan Lake

(2028 - 2029)


Images below document the trip to the Baltic Shipyard St. Petersburg to secure the contract for spare parts from the decommissioned Pyotr Velikiy Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser for the construction of Swanlake.

The Baltic Shipyard (Baltiysky Zavod)

Baltiysky Zavod is situated in the western part of St. Petersburg, on Vassilievsky Island, at the outlet of Greater Neva. The enterprise is specializing in complex high-technology large ships, including nuclear-powered ones. In the past, these were mostly warships; nowadays, Baltiysky Zavod has a number of interesting projects to offer to the Russian and international civilian market. These are icebreaking transport ships, nuclear- and diesel-powered floating power stations, offshore supply and service ships, floating desalting plants.

Baltic Shipyard 1930

Baltic Shipyard 1960s

"For almost a century and a half, Baltiysky Zavod embodies the latest scientific and technological achievements in the construction of highly sophisticated and unique ships. It holds a monopoly among the Russian shipyards in the construction of surface ships and ships with a nuclear power plant. From the beginning the yard was oriented towards building ships for the Russian Navy. Lately the construction of civil ships has become our prime goal. Nowadays Baltiysky Zavod has established a reputation as a reliable supply source of commercial ships among owners all over the world. Chemical carriers, floating power supply units, icebreaking ships for offshore oil/gas fields support are the priority projects for the yard. Baltiysky Zavod is largely self-sufficient and currently employs over 6000 employees. It consists of the following productions: shipbuilding, marine machine building and metallurgical. Besides, an in-hose Design Center, Material Procurement, Quality Assurance and many other departments support the shipbuilding process. The yard produces ship's equipment and various mechanisms not only for its own ships under construction but for other Russian shipyards as well."
O Shulyakovsky
Director General


Psychotronic Transmitter Chamber II in Baltic waters recording audio data from Kirov Missile Cruiser Pyotr Velikhy, March 2028

2028 - St. Petersburg
Commander Officer of INS Talvar Captain S.Soni and Head of Naval Department, FSUE "Rosoboronexport" Mikhail Borovik signing the contract for sale of spare parts from the decommissioned Pyotr Velikiy Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser to the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality, London.


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