Suzanne Treister

Post-Surveillance Art

Installation in Anonymity no longer an option at Pierogi The Boiler, Brooklyn, New York, USA
May 8 - 17 2015

Regarding Peeping Toms and Security Cameras: SEVEN Ponders ‘Post-Surveillance Art’

By Alex Greenberger
Posted 05/15/15 11:00 am

I can’t help but feel like Suzanne Treister is on the right track with her “Post-Surveillance Art” posters (all 2014), which use a combination of eye-popping Internet images and propagandistic text to make their point. If post-Internet artists respond to objects coming out of the Internet with their art, Treister reacts to technology by using it to inform the look of her work. At once flashy and hollow, these posters poke fun at surveillance technology. “The sublime object of surveillance,” reads one, encased inside Albers-esque squares. “Shaman surveillant,” reads another. Is this what more contemporary art will look like? It seems likely, and it’s possible that “post-surveillance art” is something to keep an eye on.

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