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exit / C.S. UN./ 1939-40 / 01/
Charlotte Salomon. Nun komm doch endlich wir mussen geh'n sonst kommen wir zu spt / Parents: Hurry up now we have to leave or we''ll be late.
gouache on paper. from Life? or Theatre? one of 1,325 works on
paper.1939 - 1940.
Archive No. 04825. The Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.
Unknown Photographer, photograph, dimensions variable, caption:
Rejected: refugees on the deck of the Tampa, at the centre of an international dispute. Some have threatened to jump overboard if they cannot land on Australian soil

London Evening Standard, 28th August 2001,4273,4249562,00.html
where do refugees go?,5860,334788,00.html