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Album K.
Date Taken: April 1909
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Babylon - Iraq
Modern Location Name: Babylon
Description: Parthian work near temple of Marduk [Detail of brickwork near Temple of Marduk, Esagila]
Subject Date:
Size: 12/10
Condition: Good
Gertrude Bell
"Gertrude Bell (1868-1926)... from the turn of the century onwards, her life was governed by a love of the Arab peoples... Her knowledge of the country and its tribes thereby gained made her a prime target for recruitment by British Intelligence during the First World War, later, as a Political Officer, and then as Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner in Baghdad, she became a king-maker in the new state of Iraq, which she had helped to create. Her first love, however, was always for archaeology, and, as Honorary Director of Antiquities in Iraq, she established in Baghdad the Iraq Museum" from The Getrude Bell Archive, Robinson Library, Newcastle University.

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